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What kind of MB dealer uses trial and error as a diagnostic technique?!?!? As a certified MB tecnician I would be embarassed to tell a client I had to guess what was wrong with their car. They are the factory trained professionals( but it sure sounds like they're not acting like it ). When I hear a story like yours it makes me crazy!!! I've attended MB training regularly for the last 14 years and I wouldn't dream of asking a client to roll the dice when it comes to repairing their car. I have explained to more than one person that the problem with their car was elusive, but all I ever needed was time to hunt it down. As far as replacing a crankshaft position sensor being a three hour job, that's just plain insanity! One allen screw, one electrical connector, easily accessible, twenty minutes tops!!! If you can provide me with more information I can probably help you out. What codes are present? And more importantly, how many times did each code occur? Any MB tech worth a darn can easily pull that info out of the vehicle with their diagnostic computer. Perhaps they would be willing to give you that info in order to help you help them. CE lights are NO BIG DEAL. I've fixed hundreds of them ( all on MB's ) and only had a handful that drove me nuts( but I fixed those ones too ). Don't stand for this treatment one minute longer!!!
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