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Question octane booster

I have a 1994 C180 Euro version which only has a 1799cc engine for such a "big and heavy" car. The engine block with twin overhead cams on top looks huge sitting in the engine bay! Just look at my Toyota Corolla with an 1800cc engine and it looks like a Dinky Toy. Has anyone tried to increase the engine output or horsepower successfully without any serious changes like adding a Kompressor or turbo? Let me know as I am unable to overtake slow cars on the roads here. Are the octane boosters in shops any good or are they teasers only? Will it adversely affect my car if I put this in with the next full tank? Does it have any noticeable affect to speed? Will it spoil my engine due to timing, increased wear and tear or whatever? Thanks. I normally use Premium unleaded fuel as recommended by the Benz dealers.
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