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1973 450 SEL Seeking parts


There are a few parts that I am unable to locate. The most frustrating and impossible to find is the passenger door armrest.

The problem is that every junk yard I have called says they don't carry it or don't carry this colour.

The colour I seek is a beige like color. I have the European bumper on mine and was told by MB that this colour is opposed to a similar colour inside American versions with a redish tone.

I will pay any reasonable amount from any country in the world but where do I find that damned DOOR armrest. The center one would be also nice to find. I post this here because after weeks of searching in my spare time, I still have no leads.

A locale place called Benz Friends in Seattle was very helpful with mechanical parts and body parts but this particular set of parts in this colour is impossible. Any hints or suggestions. I am trying to restore this and I don't know where to go.

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