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Nick, the power windows have a common relay that looks to be located in the relay nest behind the fuse panel. There is another relay called a combination relay that controls wipers, etc. From what I can see, this relay is also located in the relay nest behind the fuse box. My guess is that there has been a primary feed failure to these relays. I can't tell if there are fusible links in there or not, but to start checking, pull the cover pull the relays one at a time and using a volt meter start looking for + 12 volts on the connectors. I'm betting that you won't find any primary feed to either relay. Thus, the problem is either a connector or a fusible link or possibly the ignition switch. Start at the relays (easiest to check). Good luck. BTW, my high beams never flashed either on both of the 300's that I own. I'm not sure, but I don't think that function is even there. They're either high or low. I think I'll check on that one in the book as well. You're starting to get paranoid Nick. Kick back and tackle the problems one at a time. You'll be fine.

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