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Today I got the polyurethane for filling the motor mounts, transmission mount and the subframe mounts.

Here is how they turned out.

I've seen so many threads about collapsed motor mounts I thought it would be a good idea to try to prevent that from happening by supporting the entire mount with urethane. I got a relatively soft compound (Shore hardness 75D) so it wouldn't feel like solid mounts. Since I'm fighting clearance issues on the swap, this is good insurance to keep what I've got over time - both on subframe clearance and hood clearance.

Just for comparison, here is what a typical motor mount looks like before being filled with urethane.

By the way, this was the condition of the transmission mount on the donor car when I pulled the transmission.

I don't ever plan on having mine get like this! The motor mounts were not nearly as bad, but were definitely collapsed.

I'll also do the subframe mounts since those are prone to collapse as well. Those are a little more tricky and I'll need to use a release agent to make sure I can get them out in the future, if needed.

And as a more general solution, this strategy might just be the ticket for all the cheap aftermarket motor mounts so many are complaining about on the forum.

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