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Bosch KE problem

This one is puzzling.

'88 300E: I tightened the clamp on the heater hose at the left rear of the cylinder head. I don't think it had anything to do with my problem, but maybe there is cabling or a sensor there that was disturbed, although I have checked everything in that area thoroughly. I think the following problem occurred only coincidental with this action.

When leaving the office yesterday, the car ran fine for about a half mile. I turned a corner and began to accelerate. It would not make power, but when I gave it about 7/8 throttle it came alive like crazy. It kept doing this for a mile or so of stop and go, slow and accelerate driving.

I then stopped for a few minutes, started it up again and it did the same stuff for a little while. It then seemed to level out after driving for awhile and was fine for eighty miles while on the highway.

This morning it was not bad until about 15 miles from home. The cruise control was set and I noticed the power falling off and the cruise control was progressively putting down the throttle.

I began manually managing the throttle and it required me to FLOOR it for it to make power. Once I matted the throttle the power would come on like crazy, no weak cylinders here.

After about six or eight miles at highway speed it would level out and cruise normally. Every time I would come to a light or have to seriously slow down, it would go through this all over again and make no power at cruise. I would have to FLOOR the throttle for it to make power. When it finally makes power it comes on like you flipped an electric switch, all of a sudden.

Once I got to the office the idle was getting a little rough.

So, to summarize, until it has leveled off on a long highway for six or eight miles, it will not make cruise power, it will only make power if you floor it.

Thanks for any help anyone might offer,
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