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So far, so bad....

Dropped the car off at the dealership yesterday with a list of 5 things that might be causing my problem (Thank's guys!) and asking for a report on each item. Did not hear from them all day. Finally, called, but service "advisor" not available. I have to go, so I decide to drive to the dealership to see what the status of my car is. Get there, and the "advisor" says, "Gee, didn't you get my message? (Now mind you, I'm a Headmaster at a good sized school. I've got an assistant who catches all of my calls, and NO CALL came from R&H Mercedes during the day.) We couldn't find anything wrong with your car, so we didn't do anything."

I told him to keep it overnight and try in the a.m., that I would not take the car until it was correct. So, well, see. Consumers have quite a few rights under the lemmon law, and I'm not afraid to use them.....

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