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Robert C. Eberhardt
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Sorry, but I cannot help you concerning what codes were read since the dealership did not provide me with this information. Since my wife was considering a new 2003 Mercedes I sure hope they were not using this story to steer her to buying a new car!!!

As I said, this is the third time the CE light has come on. The first time they said that the code indicated a failed coolant temperature sensor and the technician said he drove the car and detected a "weak" mass air flow sensor. This was replaced for a cost of $648. The second time the CE light came on the car was still running fine but they indicated the the main engine wiring harness was deteriorating and needed replacement (a $1,200 repair that Mercedes offered to pay half as a "good will" issue). Now we are here with the CE engine light on again and they can't tell me still what is causing this issue. It appears that the first two repairs were not the REAL problem and it makes me feel that these "Mercedes Trained" technicians really do not know what they are doing or they are behind on there income budget and are looking to meet budget by doing unnecessary repairs. I've told my wife that why would you want to buy another Mercedes if they can't fix the one you have.

I hate to mention names but this is Leith Mercedes in Raleigh, NC. Right now they have cleared the computer codes and reset the CE light and I have the car back. I might take the car back to the mountains so the CE light comes back on and take it to an independent MB tech who I know and trust. In some respects I feel like getting rid of this car and getting a brand that is more reliable and where the techs can fix their cars!
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