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I tried it again this morning and I observed the same thing I've been saying. The front/left chamber was drained as I bled the rear brakes' fluid. Whether I'm doing the job right or not is irrelevant (please everyone, look elsewhere for advice on that), the point being is this is my observation of what chamber drains when I bleed the rear brakes.

Once air is in the system, it's near impossible to use any vacuum to get the fluid out - so I've ordered a Motive power bleeder to push it out through the cylinder reservoir end.

I also tried not using jackstands on the rear (as you recommended) and it made it harder to refill the fluid. It kept spilling out the top and was harder to fill the other chamber. I would recommend rear jackstands (ie keeping the car level). It may not be the case with all cars and all years, but it's what I had to do to get it done right.

I've noticed between my 83 and 84 300SD that there are several minor tweaks in various places, such as the oil filter housing has top bolts welded onto the housing in my 84 but in my 83, it uses a double-sided threaded bolt with two nuts on each end. If you're right in saying that the left/front chamber is for the front brakes (on the vehicles you're familiar with), then I suspect maybe Mercedes made a minor redesign somewhere along the line. Maybe we're both right.
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