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Lightbulb 190E tapping noise resolved!

Well, as most 190E owners know an annoying tapping noise can be heard when your belt tensioner shock's inner bushings begin to wear. Well, hear is something you may not know....yesterday I had my mechanic totally alleviate my engine tapping noise by, not replacing the belt tensioner shock which was ok, but rather replacing a #1 hydrolic lifter. It's a very little part and only cost about $20. Total with labor was $150. Anyway, he said that, yes, the tensioner shock can create the tapping noise but in my case it was a lifter. Now my engine is very quiet and I am sane again. (I just can't STAND any ugly noises coming from a benz) Well, I will try to get more details if anyone has more questions. Later, Scott
Scott Chaffin
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