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I just got a speeding ticket in Virginia along I-95 for 72 in a 55. The whole traffic stop took about 10 minutes. They encourage you to pay by mail or Visa or Mastercard; that way the cops don't have to waste time in court.

I've had my share of speeding tickets in my life as well, losing my license twice but I've been pretty lucky so far. If you feel you have a chance to fight it, you can ask to see the calibration papers for the speed timing device (radar, ESP, Vascar, laser, whatever).

I got out of one ticket this way because the papers were dated two days after my ticket, 46.5 in a 35 zone. "Not guilty by a technicality" is what the magistrate said, but it was a local ticket and it ticked me off to get pulled over in the first place, especially because the cop told me that they were only ticketing for 46 and over.

Good luck, and I hope you don't lose your license. Fight it, if you can. It only cost $5 more in PA at the time of my last ticket if they found me guilty, and if the cop doesn't show up they should drop the charges.

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