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stopped the surging

I read a post about how cleaning the idle control valve smoothens up the idle and decided to clean my car's idle control valve. I took it out and cleaned it with an injector cleaner (gas additive) then put it back. After I put it back I forgot to attach the wires coming to it. The car started out and test driving showed no surging at all. Then I noticed that the idle speed rpm was about 1100. After I reconnected the wire to to idle control valve the idle came down but the car started surging again. Then I understood that there is something wrong with the valve or the control module.
Then I decided to find out if the idle control valve or the idle control module causing the surge. I connected a voltmeter to the valve and saw that the valve get about 12volts when the ignition is turned on and for 2 seconds after car is started. The the voltage comes down to about 0 volts. When I push gas and the engine hits over 3000 rpm the idle control module supplies 12volts to the idle control valve which makes it stay open and causes surging.
I am now wondering why is the idle control module is supplying voltage when the rpm are about 3000. I don't even know where the idle control module is located and where does it connect to. Can someone help me out with the information about its location and pins please?
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