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Well let see, how many tickets have I had, 8,9,10,... I Hate Highway Speed Limits with a passion obviously!
Fight IT!! Always plead "Not Guilty" and talk to the Judge, be honest and forthright. If you plead Guilty, they will try and "teach" you a lesson, you'll loose some money and your Insurance may go up. If you can think of any circumstances that can lean in your favor by all means, tell the Judge. Remember, they have to PROVE that you broke the law, was it radar, him pacing you?
If you plead Not Guilty, the fine is usually less and you really are not at any disadvantage, (unless you look really, really guilty, j/k).
If its your first ticket in a couple of years, (call the Police or Court House prior and check to see if your state has a "Defensive Driving" class) ask the Judge if you can take this, when you explain why you where speeding in the first place, tell him you where late or in a hurry. This class is to help you slow down, and if you say you where in a hurry, he may see a need, (the ticket stays off your record and is usually only a Sat and $50).
Hope this helps, any time I can help someone avoid pay for a ticket, you'll here me chime in. Any other details of the ticket that could help the post come up with a plan?

96 C280
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