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"Thanks a lot for all the fast reactions. For now I have just tighened them a little. I left
enough room so I can feel a little play in the wheel when it is off the ground. The sound is much better now. It sounded like driving on gravel when the road was not very smooth(and not gravel ofcourse). Now on one side i do think, but this may be my overfocusingear, a little of the wining and rythmic hum that sounds like the start of a bad bearing."

A properly adjusted and lubed bearing should make practically no noise, and no roughness at all when the wheel is spun. If you then preload the bearing, it should STILL make no noise. You have bad bearings.

When replacing tapered roller sets, I find it expedient to purposely preload the bearing while adjusting - above the recommended value. This will better insure the races are properly seated. Then I adjust as per spec. RECHECK after about 100 mi.

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