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Question 1994 E320 Sedan - $16,500.00 Worth it?

I found this decent sample of E320 Sedan on a dealer's lot. It's actually on E-bay too.

I went to look at it test drove it and found the following.

Powerful engine, and brakes.. :p obviously...

Missing left headlight wiper, inoperative right side headrest adjuster, a few scratches here and there.. a missing piece of the rear bumper... nothing major.

The transmission was smooth, engine was very free revving (I never drove such a powerful car...coming from a diesel)

The best thing is Starmark Warranty for 1 yr - 100,000 mi from whenever I purchase it.

62000 mi

The interior is clean, except for a cracked center console but that's no big deal I could probably find a used one for free again.. hehehe

The leather was really nice.

The guy also told me that whatever I want to have done will be done.. (perhaps I could ask for oil, and all other fluid changes)
Alignment, and wheel balance will be done.. (it is a Benz dealer)

What do you guys think?

KBB says it's $16,000.
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