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Question What about nitro?

Thanks Royaiii. The bottles for octane boosters indicate it would make my car go faster. All lies? What about the nitro that drag cars and street racers are using just for my information? I am now using the fuel injector cleaner additives which seem to be working on my 8 year old car with 189,000kms to date. My only concern is that the motor gets a bit difficult to drive over 100kph as it goes up to 3000rpm( no passengers) and feels like its labouring. Is this because of the 4speed box, bad aerodynamics, too heavy weight? My other automatic cars which are Corolla 1800cc and Camry 2200cc feel very leisurely at even 110kph plus and doing only 2400 to 2500rpm. The Benz pedal becomes tiresome over long 100kms plus trips as it has no Cruise control on board. I know somebody will tell me to sell it and get at least a 280 model or a new Kompressor.
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