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Angry Hard changing gearbox

Now I know why the sales rep at some dealers gave the excuse that the tank was empty and had to go and fill it up at the next service station. They took the cars for a 5km ride so the 1st to 2nd gears shifted smoothly before they gave me the car to test drive!!! How crafty they are!!! One didn't allow me to get up to 100kph so I won't find out it won't be comfortable at that speed without a cruise control due to the heavy pedal!!! Mine is a 1994 used C180 Euro version which also has this harsh 1st to 2nd gear change in the mornings whatever the outside temp is. The car drags for a long time on 1st(or is it 2nd???) especially uphill(my area is hilly) and is very annoying when it is making such a noisy roar and crackle at 2000rpm and when it changes, boy does it give you a jerk from behind!!! Very un-Mercedes you'd say! Feels like a car from a company making cars for the first time!! Even Hyundais, Nissans, Kia and Daihatsus don't have this kick in the butt feature? Mercedes please read this posting!!!
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