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Hmmmm???? Well I am the originator of this post...lots of good info! SO...should I get an electric fan or not?? I am wanting one for 3 reasons. 1) More horsepower (how much can I expect?) 2) Quieter operation (with SPAL curved blade design), so I won't have this loud "whooshing" noise at idle and low speeds, after all, this is a Benz, it's supposed to be quiet right? and 3) it will clean up the engine compartment. Your opinions and comments on these are obviously welcome.

I mean, I got some of what you all said, but what's the "nitty gritty"? It seems that many other W126 and owners of older models have put electric fans on their car with no apparent problems, like the guy from the link on a previous reply on this topic ("electric fans"). So the next question is, "If they can do it, why can't I?"
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