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there may be an issue with the duration of the fan cycles and its drain on your battery. that was why a previous poster had used the special thermostat to avoid that problem. having the maximum cooling capacity of the radiator available all the time keeps the electric fan from coming on constatly. i don't know if that particular configuration is suitable to all engines or if it was specific to the one engine. someone else had installed electric cooling fans but never reported back on what he did with the thermostat. with the onset of cooler ambient temps, these issues may not be readily apparent and it may not be a good time to do this conversion (your converted system may work ok in the winter but fail miserably in the summer).

i guess the short answer is that the experiences posted by members who have done the conversion are not conclusive enough to provide you with a definitive answer. i suggest you read all the threads that discuss this and make sure you understand all the issues completely before you start...

battery drain?
visco fan replacement (discussion of "negative thermostat")

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