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There is no resetting procedure. If you replace the bulb and then start the car, then switch on the light system which had the problem, there will be no more error message if the problem is fixed. Obviously there is another light which is out.
Here is the best procedure:
Start car, all lights out. Step on the brake. If you get an error message a brake light is out.
Foot still on the brake, shift into reverse. if you now get an error message a reverse lamp is inop.
Tranmission in park now, foot off the brake.
Turn the headlamp switch to the first notch (parking lights)
If you get an error message now, you need to check: The front parking lights (small oval lamps on the front), the front side markers (amber ones on side of bumper), the rear tail lamps (2 bulbs each side) AND the license plate lamps, there are 2 of these.
Next turn on the headlamps and look for error message, then the front and rear foglamps, then the high beam headlamps.

On the brake pad sensors, if you replaced the pads before the brake pad warning message came up, they should be reuseable. if the warning meaasge came up in the instrument cluster, you'll need at least one, possibly both.

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