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I got everybody beat. A good friend has a 1987 260E which she bought new. No one but me has ever laid a wrench on it. I recently performed the scheduled 405,000 mile maintenance service on it! At 275,000 it got a valve job w/guides and a new camshaft, rockers,etc. At around 350,000 it got injectors, fuel distributor and filter. I've done around 80 oil changes, 3 water pumps, 4 flex discs, 2 front crank seals, 2 sets of shocks and struts, 5 steering shocks, 7 or 8 poly V-belts, 2 A/C compressors, 1 radiator, 2 driver's seat switches, 3 distributor caps/rotors, and the list goes on. This car regularly makes the trip from N.J. to Florida and it drives beautifully. Personally, I would go with the 95' wagon. I like the 104's power compared with the 103 and the newer the vehicle the better. The final year of production has usually produced the best MB's anyway. As far as DIY issues, the 104 oil change is easier and cleaner but spark plug replacement is a bit more work( but still quite simple ). I see no reason why a vehicle that is properly maintained and not abused shouldn't be able rack up mega-miles like my friend's 260E. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I re-built the transmission at around 150,000. Happy trails!
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