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I saw a summary of CU's auto reliability feedback on the Net. I never thought much of this because I felt that Mercedes owners (for example) would be more critical than Lincoln owners. However, over a long period ending in 1997, this data showed that Toyota followed by Honda were clearly superior to other makes. BMW, Mercedes, etc. were in the middle and American cars including Cadillac and Lincoln were a disaster.

The top vehicle year after year was the LS400, Mercedes E-Class had B+ rankings through 1992 after which the ratings when to h*ll. I suppose this shows up the M104's problems.

The source for these rankings had converted CU's numbers into letter rankings.

Taken over a long period of time, these rankings seem to show an interesting trend. It also may mean that the 7 out of 10 neighbors of mine who own Lexus or Acuras may not be so naive after all.
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