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Bob, Yes I'm still getting code 26, 29, 30. If that big plug in the back side of the control box is Y then yes thats the one I tested. When you say left wheel do you mean drivers side? I tested the pass side wheel! Which one is #9 anyway, there not numbered although I checked them all, The ABS light was on when I bought the car but after I took off the plastic cover near the pass side firewall I noticed this Red box with 2-10 amp fuses and one of them,(factory fuse) was burt, I replaced and the light went out and the car even runs better. So the ABS light is off. Is there a way to diagnose the ABS like I did the Soft top? Maybe by the same pin connector method whata ya call it procedure?

As far as the car, its a 91, needs a front bumper cover, it was damaged by a tow truck, The tranny needs to be worked on, reverse seems to dissapear, and the top needs replacing, The 2 front seats are kinda rough and I plan on getting them done over at a local shop. Other than that the car is pretty straight, body is straight and clean and it runs great. it has 135,000 miles and I paid 9K. Tell me what you think and Thanks for all your time and help. Rick
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