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Unhappy 400E strange hesitation/acceleration problem PLEASE HELP

Hello all. After do much searching, I was unable to locate anything on my problem. So I will give it a shot here.

The car is a 92 400E. What it is doing is on heavy acceleration (mostly WOT), the car will start jumping, like someone is turning the ignition key on-off-on-off-on-off (vroomm..pause.....vrooomm.....pause...)very cyclical in nature. If I keep on the gas, it will eventually go away after a few seconds and start acceleration very powerfully and linear like it should.

I have tried my best to narrow down the problem and this is what I have found. The car hardly ever does it in second gear. Always in 3rd, and in 4th too at high high speeds. It always seems to occur over 4000 RPM. If I hold it in 3rd gear, at about 100, then give it gas, it will do it religiously. If I ease off the throttle then get back on it smoothly, it wont do it. Problem is always present at 100+MPH. And I might note that when it does this, the car barely accelerates.

One thing of note also, is that I think I have been noticing during hard acceleration, and I hit a bump in the road, it will send it into this weird "mode" momentarily.

Some people have suggested that I replace my Mass Air Meter. But I dont think this would cause this. Would it? I know that my wiring harness isnt in the best shape. But I dont want to go throwing parts (read: $$$$$$) at this without a method of narrowing down what it could be.

One thing I brainstormed up is could it possibly be one of the sensors on that tranny that retards the ignition during WOT shifts? Im out of ideas guys. Please advice.

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