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Hilton Smith
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Help! Clicking noise at idle 96 C280

I believe I have a noisy belt tensioner pulley. Search answered first question - can this thing go bad at 44K miles. Someone had one replaced under warranty, so I guess it can go bad at 44K miles.

Noise first sounded like a leaf stuck between radiator and fan, then became more of a muffled clicking. Sometimes the noise actually gos away for just a minute or two. A wood dowel placed on the tensioner pivot arm with the other end cupped to my ear sounds like a rough bearing with the engine running. I don't understand the clicking sound. Can I just replace the bearing? Is it available?

I think I have the less expensive non-adjustable tensioner if I am remembering correctly that the last six numbers in the VIN is the engine number. Is this correct?

Any help will be greatly apppreciated.

Hilton Smith
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