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Ditto on Larry's method, sometimes an appropriate sized socket using a longer bolt/nut/washers through it, will work well also.

But if you want/need the properly designed tool most of the euro tool dealers have it, but I have recently done some business with a small independent tool maker that produces his own copy of the MB tool. This tool was recently auctioned on ebay (albeit without takers, asking $60, you might call him and make an offer, the shipping is included in the price) take a look here:

The guys name is Bill Barychko his number is 1-954-752-3701 or 1-954-216-6495 email is, his business is called Concentric Machine and he has worked on and around MBs for some time. I recently purchased his adaptation of the MB Nylon Trim Removal Wedge Tool

(Bill's version includes three sizes sold together as a set) that I'm very happy with the workmanship and the way he does his business. I have no interest other than being a satisfied customer.
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