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1994 E320 Coupe Questions

Hey everyone,

I just bought a 1994 Black E320 coupe with 56k miles, and drove back from Connecticut to Austin, TX in it. I have a few questions that I don't think have been answered on the board. I did a search and couldn't find them.

1. What's up with the phone? It has the old ghetto analog phone connection with the speakerphone and some sort of unit in the trunk. Can I do anything with this? I have a motorola timeport which they used in the newer cars, so I was hoping that there was some way to adapt the sytem to use my phone.

2. Is there any sort of flip up navigation system that will work in the dash? I think most won't because the screen would hit the overhang since the deck is recessed.

3. Is it possible to remove the ignition retarding resistor? I looked for about half an hour for it, but couldn't find it. Then I read about someone who had a 1995 E320 and didn't have one. I'm assuming that I may not have one either.

4. The car is prewired for a changer. I don't know anything about car audio - do I have many options for changers? I would really like a minidisc changer, but I don't know how standardized the connections are.

Thanks in advance if you're able to answer any of my questions. I'm really excited about my car. I had an 84 380SE a couple years ago which I really loved, but it died after two months. Glad to be back in the fold

1994 E320 Coupe 56k
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