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Smile blown headgasket and rough ide resolution

This thread is for the "diy's" who have a problem with their mb's and think they would like to try save a few $'s. I had a blown head gasket on the right bank, my local MB dealer quoted a price of 6k for top job and 2.5k for gasket repalcement.

I ventured into this job myself having a fair amount of mech. knowledge. Completed the top job for about $950.00, (not including my time, there is a learning cure. The first time is the longest.) including head resurfacing, valve grinding, gaskets & seals, new injectors, oil lines, timimg chain, new battery, and misc. parts.

A MB tech at my local dealer was more than helpful in advice and the loaning of special tools. Mercedes has become quite competive in OEM parts pricing. The combination of this website and the tech. at my dealer saved me big $'s and made the entire repair a learning, and fun project. I have a 420 SEL with the 116 engine. Thanks to all who had suggestions when I posted my first thread....
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