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Talking Just a happy owner

While I've only owned my 300SE for a few months, I really love this car. Every now and then, something catches my eye and I notice first hand the attention to quality details. The same thing happened for years almost anytime I worked on my 944. I was waiting at the bank today while my wife was at the ATM. The sun was straight ahead as I was parked and I reached up to lower the visor. The pivot point on the visor where it meets the "clasp" has a metal band that would take a lifetime to wear out going up and down, unlike the usual cheap plastic ones. It's that attention to detail that makes me happy I made this purchase.

Just a few hours ago my wife left to meet up with her sister and I watched her drive away. I don't know about you guys out there, but I drive my car 99% of the time so I rarely actually see it being driven. Boy is does the car have nice lines. It really does exude quality.

The only thing that I still have to get used to is the seat. They are very soft and not supportive in the way I'm used to. I still have not found a real comfortable position despite all the adjustments available. My only other complaint is the sound system. While the head unit is easily changed, there's not much room for decent speakers. When I'm ready I'll start checking out the section for audio and see what can be done. The system on my old 85 Prelude is Nakamichi compared to the unit in the Benz.
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