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Andras Nagy
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Yes, all 126 cars should be the same, unless someone has changed the original condition.

When Benzmac says the two screws are behind the ashtray, he means you must open the ash tray to full extension, lift out the ash tray part, and then the two screws will be revealed under that removed tray. The ash tray "chassis" will then come out, with wires and such attached (which are for the light and the cigar lighter). Careful not to yank, as they could break off.

Then, if you still have the original Becker, it has two clips on the bottom of the radio chassis, which you will be abel to see by looking up through the ashtray slot. Push those clips up and in, and the radio will slide out into the passenger compartment. Again, be careful with all the wires; some are short and you will need to juggle/jiggle to check them. Have fun......Andras
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