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the article i posted the link to is way more in depth than you need for just installing some regular euro's.

i have the beam adjuster, it is very cool to be able to raise and lower the headlight beams from inside the car. installing this would probably add about $125 to $150 to this process.
if you want to discuss this e-mail me.

it isn't neccessary to install relays. there are standard watt bulbs out there with some extra kick.

holson brought up 500e euro lights. i now have these.
depending on where you live, these are probably not worth the effort. instead of fog lights in the headlight assembly, they have driving lights. a very intensely bright driving light.
they have a chromed inside part of lense [which is sharp], as opposed to a silver inside for standard euro's.

other than the appearance of these lights, i'm not super excited about them.
what i mean is the fog lights are much more useful in everyday situations. you can have them on and people don't wig out and you are not stressing them either. the fogs xan be used as daytime running lights, or in the rain. they also have a very good periphreal [sp] view. great for spotting wild life on the road sides.

i will post a picture of the 500e lights.

we'll also need to discuss the true euro spec clear [white] turn signal covers. mine are bosch.
clear turn signal covers brand and quality has been HOTLY debated here also. has new and used bosch oem euros best [that i know of] overall price on bosch lights and clear covers. super price on hellas [oem] lights and clear corners. bosch euros

i'll be glad to get you more info and or pictures and or help you find the best quality at the best price.

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