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Thanks Steve! You sure have helped me to better understand the EHA-system.

I think i get the cold-start enrichment thtough the EHA since its always reving up when started. But I am not so sure about the cold-enrichment. Since this is controlled by the temp-sensor, the sensor is what I first would suspect, and therefore I'm interested in knowing what the resistance is supposed to be. Anyone?

I belive it's a difference in the idle air valve system between Euro and US-models, or maybe by different engine types or model years. According to my Haynes Guide, my engine has an idle-air valve with a internal bi-metal strip and spring, which gradually closes the valve as it warms up. According to the book, its only working during cold starts and cold operation. Another solution to the problem could therefore be that the valve is closing to soon.

BTW, my car has the 2.0 l 4-cyl fuel-injected engine, which was the standard engine in Europe (in most ways similar to the 2.3 entry-level in the US).

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