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The values you give for temp sensor resistance sound proper although I never use those readings.

The appropriate way to read temp sensor values is by reading the pin voltage at the ECU (or at the sensor). The ECU sends out a 5v reference signal and the resistor allows this signal to be pulled toward ground. By measuring this value the whole circuit is measured. After all the ECU doesn't care about the resistance it cares about the voltage it sees.

The voltages start around 3v depending how cold and wind up less than a volt. (around .6-.8v if I remember correctly).

If your car has the bi metallic auxiliary air device then you do not have an idle management system. You have a manual adjustment and a thermostatically controlled auxillary air valve. Similar in theory to everything back to the manual choke.

One thing to remember. Engine speed is determined by the amount of air not the amount of fuel. Remember when you step on the "gas" you actually step on the air. The best the fuel can do is get it right. Too lean you run slower, too rich you run slower.

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