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Some further info on the misfire problem:

I checked the archives on the harness problem and then looked at the engine to see if there was any cracking of wires. I did not see anything suspicious. (But I'm not sure I was looking in the right places.)

But in the meantime, the weather has been warming up here, and I have started turning the climate-control system OFF. Funny thing...I never noticed the problem when the climate-control was OFF. Last night I went thru all combinations of buttons and hot/cold levels, and sure enough, when the climate-control system is activated, I notice the problem occurs. It actually happens almost immediately upon turning the climate-control system ON. One caveat, I am not convinced there is a problem when I select EC (economy) mode. I seem to remember that shortly before this problem appeared, I noticed that the high speed on the climate-control fan didn't seem as high as it used to be.

Questions: Could this be caused by a short, maybe somehwhere in the wiring harness that I did not see? Is this system connected via a temperature sensor to the housing near the water pump? Does the A/C compressor engage at all when in AUTO mode, even if it's cold outside? (I usually have it in AUTO mode) Starting the fan seems to draw a lot of power, as I noticed the tach drop ~100-200 rpms, and you can hear and feel the engine difference...should this be like this?
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