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Thanks for the help gentlemen. I'm glad I spent the money on those shop manuals. I was able to locate the fuel pump relay and short the socket pins 7 & 8 while brother was checking pump operation. The pump was running fine so I determined that it was more than likely the relay or wiring leading to the relay. For $75 in the FastLane, I figured it was worth a hit or miss shot to replace it. Before I ordered the part, I decided to take the cover off to see if there was a visible indication of the problem. Lo and behold, ALL THREE legs of the main relay had cracks around them where they were soldered to the board. I pulled out my trusty soldering iron and made the connections solid again. I then dropped the relay back in the fuse box and she fired right up.

This makes the second time I have experienced a cold solder joint problem on this car. The last time was the idle speed control module. Resoldering fixed it as well. The best part was that both jobs were so easy that a first time solderer could fix either problem as long as they read some instructions on how to solder to prevent errors.

I had written an article on soldering a while back and it can still be found here
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