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I WORKS! IT WORKS! IT WORKS!. WOO HOO! I cant believe it it finally works, I think I didnt take it for a long enough ride before. Yesterday I took the car up and down the street a few times and when I got in the driveway I just tried it and the freakin thing worked. And it works great. Bob Terry you took 100 pounds off my shoulders. Thank you a million times for sticking with me on this and everyone else who posted also. I hope someday I can Help someone.
Yes it is the one from ebay! The guy was in NH, about 2 and a half hour drive and I went with cash and he ended the auction. Hey thanks for the bumper info, I cant find one any where and new is about 1200 bucks. I feel like running outside and dropping the top just for kicks. Hey by the way, Isit really that hard to install a new one????????? Thanks Bob, Rick D in Ma.

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