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When I change the oil on my M113 powered car, it is much more of a chore than my M103 powered car.

1. Park car on level surface.
2. Loosen oil filler cap.
3. Slide 1x $8 Autozone catch can underneath drain plug.
4. Remove oil pan drain plug and wait 10 minutes.
5. While waiting, remove old oil filter with oil filter socket, extension and ratchet.
6. Prep new spin on filter and install.
7. Replace drain plug.
8. Remove and clean dip stick, set aside.
9. Fill with 6 quarts of oil Rotella or Delo ($CHEAP), check with dip stick, add more as needed.
10. DONE!

1. Park car on level surface.
2. Drive car onto ramps.
2. Loosen oil filler cap.
3. Remove 6 screws holding front engine protection pan.
4. Remove 4 screws holding rear engine/transmission protection pan.
5. Remove pans from under car, hope to god you do not crack one of these fiberglass pans. ($$$ each)
5. Slide 2x low profile oil catch cans ($8 each) under two different drain plugs.
6. Remove 1st drain plug.
7. Remove 2nd drain plug.
8. While you are waiting 10 minutes, remove oil filter stalk.
9. Remove old oil filter from stalk.
10. Remove 6 o-rings from stalk.
11. Install 6 new o-rings to stalk.
12. Install new oil filter to stalk and install into car.
13. Replace 1st drain plug.
14. Replace 2nd drain plug.
15. Fill car with 9.5 quarts of Mobile 1 0w-40 ($,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$) OR SO IT SEEMS SOMETIMES!
16. Start car briefly.
17. Remember how to check oil using computer.
18. Check oil using computer. Hope to god if anything it says it is under and not over.
19. Replace rear under cover.
20. Replace front under cover.
21. DONE!

Now I know a Mityvac would be ideal for the M113 car, and even some dealerships use them to service cars... but something inside me will not let me use a Mityvac to change my oil.

Also, it is true that my M103 is missing the under cover like most other people's cars on these boards. I will not deny that my M113 car actually needs these covers as it is fairly low to the ground. The labor with the covers will pay off if there is ever a time where some road debris punches a hole and rips off half of a cover rather than take out a chunk of oil pan.
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