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Can't find the coolant leak - dripping from starter

Several posts on my most current situation - my '91 300CE (M104) overheated when radiator hose blew, replaced radiator and thermostat and then coolant started dripping from water pump. Just got done replacing the water pump - car runs great, temps are steady right above the 80C mark with no overheating, BUT I have a coolant drip from the rear driver's side, eventually drips off of the starter. Before, when the pump was leaking, the drip was coming from closer to the front, off the oil pan.

It is really hard to see under the intake manifold - and above the starter. Thought it might be the u-shaped hose from the crankcase to the oil filter housing or the heater hose at the very rear of the cylinder head on the driver's side - but I can't see any leaks from either. I'm at a loss...and, it doesn't seem to do it consistently - after a while, it will eventually stop. We are talking a small puddle under the car...

Any ideas? I'm thinking of trying to pull the starter and see what I can see...but I can't find good info on the coolant system on this car. I guess it's possible it's the new pump, but I don't see it.

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