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New mercedes sucks

Well, i got a 89 560 sl, great car not a problem yet, great. On that idea i got me a new A160, o boy did i make a mistake!!!
At 20000kms @ 12000 milles, the gear box had to be replaced, it took the 6 weeks to fix it, mean while the wife had no car, she told me to get a toyota, but my heart was set on MB, well i said this could happen to any one. A year latter an 20000km more the car left me on the side of the road, no more warranty, took it to the dealer, the idler polley bearing, has to be replaced, plus since i tryed to starte iti an the engine was not turning, i **** the starter an the flywheel, o boy they said the will try cortesy, it took then at this electronic age 3 week to get an awnser back from brazil. They will go 50/50 i agreed, a week later they call me to said that brazil did not have the parts, they would have to come from germany, o **** that would be another 2 weeks at least. I got a lawer at the company, i have a got one for him. I dont want that pice of **** any more, in 2 years it has spent @ 8 weeks at the dealer, plus there is no loaner. Come to think about it i paid for that crap more tha a 6 cyl camry would have cost me.
Nor only that my wife keeps on remainding me, we never ha a problem with the 3 lexus we onwned previusly even thoug the arwe no lexus dealer around here. sorry for the rant but i have come to the conclusion that the only quality left on a mercedes is the name. I gess i shoulde fell that bad, the guy sitting next to me bougth a mercedes for the same reason i did, but he got a new s500 in here @ $130000 it has been in the shop 3 times in the last 10000kms.
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