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UPDATE!! 1 step closer

Ok. I think I narrowed it down!! I took apart part of my console, so I could access the main harness plus for the transmission. I unplugged the transmission plug (behind the radio) and the car DOESNT DO IT ANYMORE . Not only does it not do that hesitation thing anymore, but the car goes like HELL!!!!! It feels like its 500 pounds lighter. Right when it hits 3500, its like a turbo kicks in. Very strange. Ofcourse I have no speedo, reverse lights, etc etc. Maybe I should just leave it unplugged and get a GPS to monitor speed.

My question is, what output out of the tranny is most likely causing this? There also could be a short in one of the wires going thru the gromet, since I did notice that hitting bumps aggravates this.

Someone with an knowledge of this tranny please shed some light on the subject. What are the certain sensors on it for? I know it has a ton more than my old 420SEL.


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