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My thoughts. also, on the manual tranny - part of it still turning, etc.

Congratulations on selection of 81 300D for daughter's car - excellent choice!! 'Few weeks ago, I bought friend's 81 300D (124 kmi), and am now getting it ready to be my "work" car, daily driver, etc. 'Sort of disapointed with several things I'm finding wrong with it - replacing rear window seal today, steering gearbox tomorrow, etc. I'm a 65-year-old retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, civil engineer and B-52 navigator/bombardier, self-employed as a home inspector for 13 years. Wife says the 300D is "ostentatious". I asked her, "what is ostentstious about a 19-year-old, 84 horsepower, Diesel-powered Mercedes"? She said, "That's just it - it's a Mercedes". I think I'm being very conservative. What about it - is an 81 300D ostentatious?? The black S class that wife drives, maybe, but an ivory 300D??

Wilton Strickland
Goldsboro, NC
91 350 SDL. 81 300D
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