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I agree, whole-heartedly!! Thanks!

How many miles on daughter's 300D? 'Certainly wish you and her well with it!!

Part of my disappointment with recently acquired 81 300D is because I expected it to be as perfect as the 80 240D I had that was totaled at 185 kmi and the 91 350SDL that I have now with 135 kmi on it. I remember when friend bought it new, and I've seeen it several times a week for past 19 years - just did'nt know friend had neglected it so.
It's still a very good car - it'll just take me longer (and cost more) to get it like I want it. New seal around rear window (rear "windshield') sure looks good - hope it works as good!!

On subject of towing, I installed a class 1 hitch on the 300D several days ago. Just need to tow small two-wheel utility trailer occasionally for wife's gardening, my projects, etc. Unit is mounted to underside of bumper & 2" angle iron inside bumper spanning the entire space between the two bumper mounting points, two points on rear of spare tire well and 4 points on floor on trunk at rear edge of spare tire well. Unit is very unobtrusive; with removable tow bar removed, one can hardly tell the car has a hitch. 'Took it for a test run about a week ago; 'picked up load of pine straw mulch for the yard; trailer and car feel nice and solid, of course. Oh, BTW, I've had MB wheel covers W/star on the trailer for probably 10 years; always pulled it with Dodge vans 'til now; I've gotten lots of nice comments all these years about my "Benz" trailer. Now I can put the appropriate tow vehicle it!! I usually paint the trailer same color as the tow vehicle - 'have to paint it MB 623 (ivory) soon!!

Wilton Strickland
Goldsboro, NC
91 350 SDL. 81 300D
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