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I have noticed that after driving my 84 300D for about 20 min in 80+ degree weather, the car gets sluggish in acceleration, shifts slower, and seems like I have to push harder on the pedal to get it going. The turbo boost lags, then comes on with a big WOOSH and there I go. After stopping the car and letting the engine cool for even 5 min, the car is smoother and takes right off. I have recently replaced the rack bolt--this helped my motor rocking, but it still does a little when warm. I am going to change the thermostat and add Water Wetter this week--car runs at 100 degrees on the highway, less in stop and go. The car (oddly enough) seems to have more power and runs smoother with the AC on. Has anyone ever experienced this temp based sluggishness? I have considered the aeronoid (sp) compensator--cleaned the banjo fittings and lines are fine, but I can't blow air backwards through it. I use Castrol 10-40 and Lucas additive. I sincerely appreciate any and ALL ideas.

Robert Talley
84 300D-T 204K
76 Cadillac Fleetwood 74K

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