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I cant say for sure if the new ones do or not but looking at the news groups and the different mercedes sites, mercedesshop, benzsports, etc, etc Im at the conclusion that Mercedes cars are very stylish but they are living off of the reputation they had years ago when the other car companies were making junk and mercedes really made some simple but strong cars.

Ive owned toyotas and mercedes all my driving life and I still love the feel of a mercedes but I must admit things broke that shouldnt have. My toyotas never really broke that much but they didnt drive like a mercedes or offer the safety that a mercedes does. I still love driving Mercedes but my next car will be a Audi, Hell I cant aford the CL and the new ones look like hondas.

On the Lexus site I ve noticed they never talk about breakdowns and idle problems, Ac going out. Im not a Lexus Lover Just my thoughts. What do you think?
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