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I found it! Or, I guess I should say THEM! Took it to a friend's shop today and put it on a lift. He has a really cool Snap-On flexible camera with a light on it and we were able to snake that around and find the first leak. It was coming from the elbow hose from the crankcase to the oil filter housing. The clamp was loose - so loose in fact, that we were able to rotate the clamp around so we could finally get a nut driver on the clamp and get it tightened down.

Pressured the system and let it sit for a while - no leaks. Took the pressure tester off and within a couple of minutes, it started dripping again in pretty much the same spot. So we started poking around again - removed the starter and found it. The pipe leading from the water pump to the oil filter housing was leaking right where the pipe enters the oil filter housing. I think I probably jarred this pipe just enough in replacing the water pump to break a seal - evidently it has an o-ring that seals it inside the housing. I don't really see how this thing seals - there is no bolt right there to tighten it down and it looks like it just sticks in to the oil filter housing. There is a small bracket that bolts to a bracket further down from the housing and it looks like that bolt was not fully seated properly....I think this is just a drain from the water pump...

I was going to replace the entire pipe as it looks a little corroded, but I couldn't find it online. Did find the o-ring though...

None of this was easy...but at least, it's not a head gasket - although with my luck I will probably follow Glenmore's experience - drive it for a coupe of months and then have the head gasket start leaking...

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