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Repair engine? or get new one?

Resently went to a mercedes dealership to get my 86' 190e 2.3 looked at by friend(a very good mercedes mechanic) along with a few other faithful mercedes techs, as I have alot of problems with it. As it turns out, the mechanics said that I need a valve job, new rings around the pistons, and I seem to have an induction problem with the valve on top of the throttle body(the 3.5 inch valve that can be seen with the air filter assembly taken off. It needs a new spring or something, as the valve requires alot of pressure to open). I also have bad compression in 2 cylinders, which sucks in a 4 cylinder car.
Here's the questions: Should I get the engine rebuilt? or should I get a new engine for cheap, off of ebay or something?

Or, should I get a new car? I am inquiring about a Mercedes 2.3-16v that is on the lot.

Boy, did I get stuck with a lemon.

Thanks to all,
Peter V.
1986 Mercedes 190e 2.3
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