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I'm gonna go give that E320 a look anyway and maybe they might ask for less.

Those W210's sure look tempting but I am not into the styling. I'll look around for other cars. Right now though warranty is a priority....

I do agree that the money could get me into an E320 Cabriolet or even an E420 easily I guess add Extended Warranty..

I'll keep looking around... thanks for all the comments.


What do you mean that the 540i 6-speed uses recirculating ball steering instead of rack and pinion of the 528i? Is it because it's the early 5-series?
or do you mean that the E320 should feel less taut?

This BMW sounds like a good deal actually with the BMW warranty. Its value should be more like $30k right? I wonder what's up with it.

Today I saw a nice W126 560SEL in Silver. When I saw that though... I just couldn't help but think I still want an 80's Benz...
2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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