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No, actually the two differant 5 series cars use the differant steering because of the differant engines. The 4.4l v8 versus the 2.8l inline six. That price does seem about right. You may be able to find a 2000 528i five speed for around that price range too. A 528i would have comprable power to an E320. Go to and look at the forums there, if your serious about it ask there, they can give you many tips on what to look for. The CPO warranty is definately important with that car, it's basically a solid car with only a few issues. Those issues include broken radiator necks at around 80k, water pumps around the same time, and catalytic converters(When these go put on high flow ones, cheaper and better). The 528i has the same issues less the catylitic converter issues. If your more interested in the track record of our 528i and issues i see with it(i'm nit picky as hell), just let me know. Any more questions i can probably answer too, i read about as much on bimmers as i do on this board.
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