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Johnson Chan
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i agree that newer MBs are not built like the old ones. these days they are more focused on selling more cars and incorporate a lot of electronic "toys" instead of the older reliable cars.

I know people that bought brand new benzs and next yr models and they have to constantly go back to the shop. Most of these owners say they will never get another MB again. When a customer buys a new mercedes and spends $40k or more and the power window doesnt work or the radio doesnt work, or the interior rattles, this is just rediculous.

Remember the 98-99 M class problems? how about the FSS/conventional oil problem? remember the article in the wall stree journal on mbs? remember mercedes trying to shut down I love this forum and feel its very helpful but wasnt happy about them trying to shut it down.

In my opinion in 10 years MB is going to have a whole new "image".
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