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I got to say, i run a company, it has 8 cars, over the year we had had the chance to try most everything, the cars get replaced every 3 years at @ 100.000 miles, most of the cars are small cars, exept for the ones we, the family drives.

1995 Gran marquis, crap
1998 Grand blazer, crap
1995 Mitsubishi Galant lots of problem with inyection system
2000 Nisan Quest great untill wife totaled
2002 Ford explorer not a problem yet
2002 Ford ranger not a problem
2002 Ford F150 not a problem
2002 Ford F150 extcab not a problem 2 of them
1998 toyota starlet 120.000 milles not a problem yet
1996 lexus gs 300 sold it with 50.000 milles never a problem
1998 lexus gs 400 sold it @ 40000 milles never a problem
1998 lexus rx 300 sold it @ 40000 milles never a problem
1998 toyota hilux 80000 milles not a problem
1999 hilux 60000 not a problem
2002 toyota yaris (echo) not a problem
1992 Honda accord sold it @ 90.000 never a problem
1989 Mercedes 560 sl 68000 milles love it very nice car. Iwill never sell it.

2000 Mercedes A160 25.000 milles only problems

Make a note we dont have lexus dealers in venezuela, but who needs it.
Of the americans i do like the Ford F-150 very nice truck

I do like the felling of a mercedes, but i hate the felling when it leaves me on the side of the road, it only gets worst after a couple of weeks at the dealer.

I am considering a good used 560sec 1991. After that i dont think a mercedes is worth the problems.
89 560SL
78 172N
98 EV11
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